Holiday in Cochem 2021
Moselromantikhotel am Panoramabogen

Holiday in Cochem 2021

Dear guests,

We would like to make your stay with us and in Cochem on the Moselle as pleasant and safe as possible. Our usual good hotel service will probably be possible again from 2 June 2021. Of course, we will still observe the applicable legal requirements. But from June onwards, the restrictions will probably be much more pleasant for everyone in order to enable you to enjoy a wonderful holiday on the Moselle.

Therefore, we have decided to reopen our house from 2 June 2021.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you! Make your reservation already today

Should there still be official travel bans, we offer a free cancellation. Stay optimistic, as we do, and above all, stay healthy.

Family Johann & the whole team

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Original Thai Massagen

Original Thai massage Pho Raksa - Far Eastern treatments for your body and for the benefit of your health.

With the fantastic feel-good effect. The traditional massage developed more than 2,500 years ago is one of the oldest healing arts in the world. The aim of the treatment is to balance the flow of energy in the human body through selective grips, acupressure and stretching.


This traditional form of massage localizes, alleviates and eliminates any disturbances in the flow of energy. It normalizes the function of the glands and organs and thus helps to relax, which improves blood supply throughout the body.

Herbal stamp Thai massage

The stamps contain traditional Thai medicinal herbs, which are known for their strengthening, cleansing and relaxing effects. They relieve tension, help reduce stress, clear airways and generally relieve pain. They make the skin supple and improve the structure of the skin surface.

Hot stone massage

Here, heated stones are placed on the energy points. The combination of heat and massage on the oiled body leads to increased blood flow to the muscles and promotes their deep relaxation.

The traditional Thai massage Pho Raksa has been in Cochem since 2013. We offer traditional Thai massages, hot stone massages, foot reflex massages, aroma massages, anti-stress massages, herbal stamp massages and much more.

Schedule an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you to Cochem.

The wellness studio Pho Raksa has been successfully offering cosmetic treatments and well-being massages for many years and we can highly recommend this. Ultimately, the hotel is only an intermediary between the studio and the guest. We cannot guarantee prices and success. The liability of the hotel is excluded. Short-term cancellations of booked services = 50% of the agreed price. Appointments only after consultation with Ms. Bunphan Pho Raksa Inh. Jaruphan Bunphan - Phone: +49 160.964 809 75 - Email: We are happy to help you arrange appointments and information at the reception. Or you can contact Ms. Bunphan Moselromantik Hotel Panorama directly